St. Gregorios of Parumala
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1. When was Parumala Thirumeni born?
15th August 1848
15th June 1848
14th September 1848
25th March 1848

2. At that time liturgical texts were written in Syriac language. As a boy, Geevarghese started learning Syriac from this Malpan.
Geevarghese Malpan
Abraham Malpan
Mathen Maplan
Joseph Malpan

3. Deacon Geevarghese contracted a deadly disease and got cured of it by the intercession of St. Mary. In a vision St. Mary advised the Deacon to devote his life for God which he obeyed. From which dreaded disease did Deacon Geevarghese get cured?

4. Parumala Thirumeni was (and still is) the youngest bishop ever ordained in the Orthodox Church. When was Parumala Thirumeni ordained as a bishop? At what age?
April 7th, 1872. 23 years.
January 15th, 1895. 46 years.
December 10th, 1876. 28 years.
August 15th, 1876. 28 years.

5. Parumala Thirumeni established a seminary in Parumala to train deacons. One of Parumala Thirumeni's disciples later became Catholicos of Orthodox Church. Who?
Fr. Geevarghese Vattasseril
Deacon Punnoose
Deacon Paulose
Mathen Malpan

6. Parumala Thirumeni took an active interest in the education of children. He established a number of schools in Kerala. He became ill and passed away while the construction of a school was in progress which was later named after him. Today it is one of the premier schools in Kerala. Which is that school?
MG School, Thumpamon
MGD School, Kunnamkulam
St. Thomas School, Mulanthuruthy
MGM School Thiruvalla

7. Parumala Thirumeni was an able administrator of the church. At one time three dioceses of the Orthodox Church were governed by him. Which ones?
Niranam, Kollam, Thumpamon
Kochi, Kandanadu, Ankamali
Malabar, Sultan Battery, Madras
Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta

8. Thirumeni visited two foreign countries. One was a missionary journey to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) to ordain a bishop for the United States of America (Rene Vilatti Mar Thimothios). The other was a pilgrimage. Which was the second place he visited?
Turin, Italy
Jerusalem, Holy Land (Palestine)
Vatican City, Vatican
Lourdes, France

9. When did Parumala Thirumeni pass away?
2nd November, 1902
2nd November, 1947
2nd November, 1900
2nd November, 1895

10. When was Parumala Thirumeni canonized as a Saint?
2nd November, 1902
2nd November, 1947
2nd November, 1900
2nd November, 1895

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