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Church Of Greater Washington
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Come the Time of Prayer is Here


Come the time of prayer is here
Come for pardon, have no fear
'Tis the time to ask anew,
'Tis the time for mercy too

See the holy priest ascend
Mounting stairs which heav'nward tend
There the pure Qurban to raise
For who e'er communicates

Mercy here is full and free
Come beloved, come and see
Give the kiss of peace divine
Hearts sincere in love combine

Let us now be reconciled
To each heav'nly Father's child
So, before God's throne of grace
Find compassion on his face

Lord have mercy on us now
Grant forgiveness as we bow
Answer Lord, our earnest plea
Good art Thou, though frail we be

Stand we all sing we well
Cry as one His grace to tell
Answer Lord our earnest pleas
Good art Thou though frail are we